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Chicken Salad Chick Menu Nutrition Facts & Calories

Add Ons and Toppings805g0 g7g15mg220mg0g
Add Ons and Toppings1300g4 g12g10mg210mg4g
Add Ons and Toppings600g3 g5g0mg270mg2g
Add Ons and Toppings101g2 g0g0mg0mg1g
Add Ons and Toppings2000g0 g22g20mg140mg0g
Add Ons and Toppings2301g1 g25g20mg300mg0g
Add Ons and Toppings40g1 g0g0mg350mg0g
Add Ons and Toppings1100g10 g7g0mg75mg10g
Add Ons and Toppings705g0 g6g15mg180mg0g
Add Ons and Toppings2000g2 g22g20mg500mg2g
Add Ons and Toppings50g1 g0g0mg0mg1g
Sides & Chips1402g24 g4g0mg180mg3g
Chicken Salad39014g11 g30g65mg800mg6g
Drinks3500g70 g0g0mg84mg70g
Sides & Chips2003g23 g11g0mg200mg3g
Gourmet Soups31014g17 g22g70mg930mg5g
Sides & Chips1706g10 g13g20mg160mg7g
Chicken Salad39013g1 g35g65mg840mg0g
Desserts1702g27 g6g25mg125mg18g
Drinks3350g84 g0g0mg84mg84g
Gourmet Soups29013g18 g18g65mg890mg5g
Sandwiches76026g34 g56g125mg1100mg4g
Gourmet Soups31013g23 g17g45mg1000mg4g
Desserts4203g81 g9g15mg270mg48g
Chicken Salad40016g0 g35g75mg600mg0g
Green Salads43019g9 g35g75mg710mg3g
Drinks1350g34 g0g0mg33mg34g
Drinks00g0 g0g0mg33mg0g
Green Salads28010g20 g20g25mg390mg14g
Chicken Salad46016g12 g37g70mg590mg9g
Bread & Crackers2805g33 g14g35mg270mg3g
Chicken Salad35012g15 g26g55mg880mg13g
Drinks00g0 g0g0mg153mg0g
Chicken Salad37015g2 g32g70mg550mg1g
Sides & Chips2604g31 g13g0mg360mg1g
Drinks3000g79 g0g0mg120mg77g
Pimento Cheese & More25012g5 g18g420mg410mg5g
Chicken Salad41014g5 g36g65mg510mg3g
Drinks3250g80 g0g0mg78mg79g
Sides & Chips801g20 g0g0mg0mg16g
Chicken Salad34012g7 g27g60mg470mg7g
Sides & Chips1503g31 g8g15mg35mg28g
Drinks400g10 g0g0mg15mg9g
Sides & Chips2003g22 g11g0mg180mg2g
Chicken Salad37015g0 g32g70mg870mg0g
Chicken Salad44019g1 g38g85mg720mg0g
Bread & Crackers600g8 g2g0mg90mg2g
Bread & Crackers600g10 g2g0mg150mg2g
Desserts3608g49 g16g210mg150mg39g
Chicken Salad38014g1 g33g70mg800mg0g
Kids Menu35014g33 g16g60mg860mg5g
Kids Menu2106g28 g9g0mg220mg10g
Kids Menu24019g27 g5g35mg730mg4g
Bread & Crackers601g9 g2g0mg115mg1g
Chicken Salad39015g1 g35g70mg580mg0g
Drinks4200g110 g0g0mg0mg105g
Gourmet Soups41013g28 g26g80mg1150mg4g
Chicken Salad37012g4 g32g55mg450mg3g
Sides & Chips35014g33 g16g60mg860mg5g
Drinks100g4 g0g0mg84mg0g
Chicken Salad42015g4 g37g60mg460mg1g
Chicken Salad38014g6 g31g75mg670mg4g
Sides & Chips2508g37 g7g5mg360mg4g
Pimento Cheese & More57024g2 g52g120mg750mg0g
Sandwiches94037g55 g62g135mg1480mg7g
Desserts3605g37 g20g75mg285mg26g
Desserts2880g36 g15g55mg224mg50g
Desserts3975g51 g20g64mg317mg36g
Chicken Salad45017g1 g41g85mg810mg1g
Sides & Chips2103g23 g12g0mg125mg1g
Sides & Chips2003g23 g11g0mg240mg2g
Pimento Cheese & More56023g2 g52g120mg800mg0g
Drinks3000g73 g0g0mg138mg73g
Drinks2400g63 g0g0mg0mg59g
Green Salads2105g21 g13g10mg190mg16g
Drinks2400g63 g0g0mg0mg63g
Gourmet Soups1704g19 g8g30mg620mg12g
Sandwiches65039g39 g37g120mg1610mg9g
Sandwiches60038g55 g23g75mg1620mg9g
Drinks1700g38 g0g0mg78mg37g
Bread & Crackers1405g25 g2g0mg230mg2g
Bread & Crackers1404g26 g2g0mg250mg3g