About Healthyfastfood.org

Hi I'm Kev, the creator of Healthyfastfood.org.

We're a website that collects, organizes, and presents nutrition data from official sources, so that people can make informed decisions when they eat out.

Our mission is to be the standard reference for restaurant nutrition data on the web.

We advocate preparing your own food, as this is the own way you will know the precise macro and micronutrient content of your meals. However, many people have busy lifestyles and careers, and preparing every single meal is unrealistic.

Healthyfastfood.org was created with these people in mind.

In fact, it came out of my own experiences. I was a busy working in Manhattan and was trying to eat healthy, but I didn't have the time to prepare every single meal. I was frustrated, because all I wanted was a healthy meal, and I didn't know what do get besides Sweetgreen. I wanted to create a resource that would help people like me make informed decisions when they eat out.

Where is the data sourced from?

Nutrition information on Healthyfastfood.org is sourced from official restaurant nutrition guides.

If you believe information is incorrect or needs to be updated please email us at [email protected].

We make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data we report.

Who works on Healthyfastfood.org?

Kev Ma


Kev is a web developer living in California. He is responsible for designing and maintaining Healthyfastfood.org. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics from Cornell University. He believes that many diseases can be prevented through proper nutrition and is passionate about empowering people with tools to organize and understand the foods they eat.

Khun Min Aung


Brandon Aung studied Medicine at the University of Medicine in Yangon and Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. He currently works in a corporate development & strategy role and is passionate about using data to improve health outcomes.

Who uses this site?

Healthyfastfood.org is intended for both the general public and health professionals.

DISCLAIMNER: The information on Healthyfastfood.org is not intended to replace the consultation of a nutritionist or other certified health provider, but it is intended to inform readers so they can have a more constructive conversation with their health professionals.

There are many contradictions and controversies in the field of nutrition, this website is intended to inform the reader so that he/she can make the best decision for their health.