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Blaze Pizza Menu Nutrition Facts & Calories

Meats and Veggie Toppings282g0 g2g3mg144mg0g
Pizzas24711g32 g8g23mg488mg2g
Meats and Veggie Toppings30g1 g0g0mg36mg0g
Pizza Finishes10g0 g0g0mg1mg0g
Salads3129g29 g20g15mg390mg21g
Pizza Finishes70g2 g0g0mg24mg2g
Meats and Veggie Toppings10g0 g0g0mg62mg0g
Drinks1520g39 g0g0mg48mg39g
Meats and Veggie Toppings00g0 g0g0mg0mg0g
Pizzas24912g31 g8g26mg633mg2g
Pizza Finishes30g1 g0g0mg14mg1g
Drinks1560g36 g0g0mg12mg36g
Meats and Veggie Toppings90g0 g1g0mg44mg0g
Drinks1100g28 g0g0mg10mg25g
Pizzas24512g30 g8g101mg604mg2g
Drinks2143g53 g0g0mg14mg48g
Salads44018g12 g37g52mg1207mg6g
Salads32015g11 g25g43mg1005mg5g
Beer & Wine1542g13 g0g0mg14mg0g
Salads32714g12 g25g49mg1617mg5g
Pizza Finishes10g0 g0g0mg125mg0g
Salads3687g31 g26g18mg361mg24g
Dough Options944g15 g2g9mg181mg1g
Sides90035g113 g32g59mg1845mg9g
Meats and Veggie Toppings20g0 g0g0mg1mg0g
Pizza Finishes460g1 g4g6mg162mg1g
Pizzas29113g33 g11g30mg991mg3g
Salads35220g20 g20g66mg1101mg10g
Desserts3804g46 g21g46mg150mg33g
Desserts3444g45 g16g41mg701mg30g
Meats and Veggie Toppings40g1 g0g0mg0mg0g
Desserts64921g137 g5g0mg783mg57g
Salads50420g27 g37g42mg989mg3g
Dough Options1385g28 g1g0mg268mg1g
Salads1743g7 g16g7mg506mg3g
Drinks1340g37 g0g0mg43mg37g
Drinks00g0 g0g0mg17mg0g
Drinks00g0 g0g0mg7mg0g
Sides40418g56 g11g29mg837mg2g
Cheeses222g0 g2g6mg80mg0g
Pizza Finishes00g0 g0g0mg143mg0g
Salads27110g24 g17g26mg527mg15g
Pizza Sauces160g0 g2g0mg19mg0g
Dough Options711g16 g1g0mg177mg1g
Cheeses221g0 g2g3mg41mg0g
Cheeses292g0 g2g7mg109mg0g
Cheeses91g0 g1g2mg34mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings10g0 g0g0mg0mg0g
Pizzas23711g30 g8g19mg498mg2g
Meats and Veggie Toppings91g0 g0g4mg47mg0g
Dough Options1013g20 g0g0mg196mg1g
Meats and Veggie Toppings212g0 g1g74mg1mg0g
Pizzas25410g31 g9g20mg705mg2g
Meats and Veggie Toppings301g1 g2g5mg72mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings281g0 g2g5mg90mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings10g0 g0g0mg50mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings140g1 g1g0mg82mg0g
Dough Options699g2 g2g13mg62mg1g
Pizzas15214g4 g8g31mg281mg2g
Drinks2230g57 g0g0mg10mg54g
Drinks1100g27 g0g0mg12mg27g
Drinks1560g41 g0g0mg12mg41g
Pizzas46419g47 g21g49mg1050mg4g
Drinks1108g22 g3g10mg130mg12g
Meats and Veggie Toppings20g0 g0g0mg1mg0g
Pizza Finishes300g0 g4g0mg0mg0g
Pizza Finishes10g0 g0g0mg0mg0g
Cheeses382g0 g3g14mg31mg0g
Drinks900g24 g0g0mg10mg22g
Meats and Veggie Toppings271g0 g3g5mg77mg0g
Pizza Finishes170g0 g2g0mg22mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings70g2 g0g0mg1mg2g
Drinks1200g30 g0g0mg10mg27g
Pizzas15815g5 g8g33mg381mg2g
Pizza Finishes140g0 g1g1mg31mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings30g1 g0g0mg1mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings30g0 g0g0mg27mg0g
Pizza Sauces70g1 g0g0mg37mg1g
Pizzas33214g45 g10g32mg604mg3g
Beer & Wine1590g5 g0g0mg7mg1g
Cheeses292g1 g2g9mg13mg1g
Meats and Veggie Toppings50g0 g0g0mg11mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings00g0 g0g0mg0mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings190g4 g0g0mg0mg0g
Drinks1680g43 g0g0mg12mg43g
Meats and Veggie Toppings332g0 g3g7mg143mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings80g1 g0g0mg22mg1g
Meats and Veggie Toppings130g0 g1g12mg23mg0g
Pizza Finishes00g0 g0g0mg145mg0g
Cheeses40g0 g0g1mg9mg0g
Cheeses664g1 g5g15mg133mg0g
Pizzas32414g44 g9g23mg720mg3g
Meats and Veggie Toppings223g0 g1g9mg175mg0g
Desserts2033g28 g9g2mg160mg11g
Pizza Sauces80g1 g0g0mg57mg1g
Meats and Veggie Toppings151g1 g1g0mg52mg0g
Meats and Veggie Toppings10g0 g0g0mg3mg0g
Drinks1350g38 g0g0mg63mg37g
Drinks1100g27 g0g0mg12mg26g
Drinks1100g28 g0g0mg10mg25g
Salads49819g12 g41g90mg576mg5g
Drinks30g1 g0g0mg10mg0g
Pizzas37217g46 g13g34mg864mg4g
Cheeses461g4 g3g0mg132mg0g
Pizzas1335g18 g5g0mg317mg1g
Pizzas1627g18 g7g21mg359mg2g
Pizza Sauces130g0 g1g3mg37mg0g
Pizzas38418g45 g15g33mg939mg2g
Beer & Wine1530g5 g0g0mg9mg2g
Meats and Veggie Toppings80g0 g1g0mg21mg0g