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Zoes Kitchen Menu Nutrition Facts & Calories

Bowls25033g7 g10g85mg770mg3g
Bowls48024g1 g41g80mg690mg1g
Bowls1809g30 g3g0mg560mg5g
Bowls22033g1 g8g90mg600mg0g
Bowls20026g1 g10g70mg90mg0g
Bowls29020g3 g21g75mg720mg1g
Starters50019g31 g32g70mg1430mg2g
Sides & Snacks39030g30 g16g85mg710mg11g
Starters68020g69 g39g5mg1110mg7g
Pints & Quarts To Go120030g62 g97g15mg1910mg7g
Bowls2708g14 g22g20mg1310mg7g
Mediterranean Family Dinners79056g83 g26g125mg1990mg6g
Kabobs29041g5 g11g110mg780mg2g
Soups & Salads13012g15 g3g25mg1200mg3g
Pints & Quarts To Go29026g32 g6g60mg2570mg6g
Sandwiches & Rollups56040g50 g20g95mg1480mg4g
Soups & Salads74031g59 g44g80mg900mg34g
Sandwiches & Rollups70035g42 g45g80mg990mg8g
Pints & Quarts To Go153078g3 g132g250mg2210mg2g
Desserts5806g92 g23g90mg310mg73g
Desserts5906g85 g27g50mg350mg48g
Mediterranean Family Dinners45517g64 g13g7mg1160mg12g
Sandwiches & Rollups46017g63 g17g10mg1150mg11g
Sides & Snacks1668g25 g5g6mg513mg5g
Mediterranean Family Dinners68028g91 g25g30mg2030mg14g
Sides & Snacks701g19 g0g0mg5mg15g
Pints & Quarts To Go2403g61 g1g0mg15mg49g
Sandwiches & Rollups46036g44 g17g80mg1190mg8g
Soups & Salads49019g46 g28g40mg1470mg7g
Soups & Salads70051g47 g36g125mg2050mg7g
Sides & Snacks1908g23 g8g15mg620mg3g
Mediterranean Family Dinners76049g84 g25g105mg2000mg7g
Sandwiches & Rollups57043g42 g26g105mg2070mg7g
Sandwiches & Rollups35018g21 g23g40mg500mg4g
Starters59019g72 g27g0mg1130mg7g
Pints & Quarts To Go88026g70 g58g0mg1900mg9g
Sandwiches & Rollups45030g42 g19g65mg1020mg7g
Sauces502g4 g4g0mg115mg1g
Starters70021g78 g36g0mg1360mg8g
Sides & Snacks43011g29 g33g5mg740mg5g
Pints & Quarts To Go96028g73 g65g0mg2050mg8g
Starters61018g65 g33g0mg1160mg7g
Live Med Kids44022g38 g24g40mg610mg8g
Sides & Snacks352g2 g2g5mg125mg1g
Live Med Kids23034g4 g8g90mg600mg2g
Live Med Kids28013g22 g16g40mg530mg4g
Live Med Kids28010g29 g14g10mg580mg7g
Live Med Kids17020g4 g9g55mg45mg3g
Live Med Kids9012g2 g4g85mg150mg1g
Soups & Salads59019g61 g34g5mg1220mg7g
Starters35094g8 g25g85mg960mg22g
Soups & Salads33019g52 g6g0mg1150mg5g
Pints & Quarts To Go70040g110 g13g0mg2450mg11g
Bowls48032g45 g28g20mg870mg13g
Sides & Snacks40030g17 g24g75mg830mg4g
Mediterranean Family Dinners36037g3 g21g120mg980mg1g
Sides & Snacks2209g29 g7g15mg460mg1g
Sides & Snacks2403g23 g16g0mg310mg2g
Bowls38013g67 g6g5mg1280mg7g
Soups & Salads32010g42 g14g5mg850mg7g
Sides & Snacks1102g10 g8g0mg280mg3g
Sandwiches & Rollups68032g41 g43g100mg1440mg3g
Sandwiches & Rollups59024g42 g38g60mg1260mg6g
Kabobs33040g3 g17g105mg420mg1g
Sauces900g2 g10g0mg110mg0g
Kabobs17023g4 g7g165mg630mg1g
Sauces400g2 g4g0mg80mg1g
Mediterranean Family Dinners61028g39 g36g95mg1600mg9g
Sandwiches & Rollups62022g43 g41g55mg1200mg5g
Kabobs49042g18 g27g95mg540mg14g
Sandwiches & Rollups54032g42 g28g90mg1310mg8g
Soups & Salads49011g40 g32g25mg1570mg18g
Soups & Salads78064g58 g33g160mg2540mg10g
Sandwiches & Rollups45037g36 g17g90mg1610mg6g
Sauces351g2 g3g5mg95mg2g
Sides & Snacks24014g35 g7g0mg540mg0g